Competition Shooting Simulations

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Practical Shooting:

The world’s elite shooting competitors put their mental focus, speed, and accuracy to the test in global leagues like the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) and the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA).

Laser Shot’s popular Practical Shooting software titles simulate real IPSC/IPDA competition courses complete with responsive shoot and no-shoot cardboard and steel targets. Now competitors and enthusiasts alike can experience the challenge of a professional shooting competition in the comfort of an indoor environment, avoiding range fees, bad weather, and long travel times.


Max Michel Pro Shooter Experience - Adrenaline:

Max Michel's Pro Shooter Experience - Adrenaline puts player's mental focus, speed, and accuracy to the test across 6 courses based off of the courses from Max's annual Pro Shooter Experience held in Las Vegas.

Max uses SIMrange technology to ensure he gets the proper amount of trigger time necessary to be a world champion caliber shooter. Day or night, rain of shine, Max is ready and able to practice his shooting skills with the power of SIMrange.


Steel Challenge:

Steel Challenge is a marksmanship courseware package that simulates the courses shot on by pro's like world champion speed shooter Max Michel.

Choose from 8 target arrangements: Accelerator, Five to Go, Outer Limits, Pendulum, Roundabout, Showdown, Smoke & Hope, and Speed Option.


Pro Shooting Challenge: 

Pro Shooting Challenge features 5 courses, each with several stages of marksmanship drills that must be completed within the allotted time in order to go to the next stage.

You will move through various stages of an obstacle course, maintaining the control to fire with precision while avoiding the wrong targets.


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Pro Shooter Experience - Adrenaline


Steel Challenge


Pro Shooting Challenge




Practical Shooting Features:

  • Competitive Scoring System of Both Time & Accuracy
  • IPSC Regulation Targets
  • Time and Accuracy Scoring Factors
  • Shoot / No-Shoot Targets
  • Simulates Real Life Competition Courses

XtremeSquirrel thumb   FullBoar tmb   PirateShip tmb  

Practical Shooting: Alpha


Practical Shooting: Bravo


Practical Shooting: Charlie


Saloon tmb   PirateShip tmb   Flooded Timbers tmb  

Practical Shooting: Delta


Practical Shooting: Echo


Practical Shooting: Foxtrot

Saloon tmb   PirateShip tmb   Flooded Timbers tmb  

Practical Shooting: Golf


Practical Shooting: Hotel


Practical Shooting: India

Saloon tmb      

Practical Shooting: Juliet



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